Trump cancel orders the manufacture of the new Air Force One

Donald Trump has not taken office yet but already taking orders. At least on Twitter. The elected President of the United States ordered in a tweet cancel the order to the Boeing Company to manufacture a new model of the presidential plane Air Force One, considering that the costs are “out of control”.

new Air Force One

“Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”, ordered Trump in a message posted on Twitter. The tweet brought down Boeing shares on Wall Street. Continue reading “Trump cancel orders the manufacture of the new Air Force One”

Merkel, re-elected leader of the German conservatives

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been reelected this Tuesday President of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with a 89.5% of the votes in the federal congress that welcomes the formation in Essen (west) to prepare for the electoral campaign of the general guidelines of 2017.

Merkel re-elected

Merkel has obtained this result, compared to 96.7% achieved two years ago, and it was ratified as well as leader of the party, two weeks after announcing she will opt for a fourth term as chancellor in elections scheduled for within ten months. Continue reading “Merkel, re-elected leader of the German conservatives”

A fire in a luxury hotel of Karachi left at least 11 dead

At least 11 people died and 75 were injured in a fire at a hotel in the city of Karachi, the economic capital of Pakistan, reported Efe official sources.

fire in karachi hotel

The fire started early in the morning in the kitchen of Hotel Regent Plaza, four stars, and was going up along the building, trapping many guests in its six floor, said Mohamed Hanif, police spokesman of the south of the city, where the event occurred. Continue reading “A fire in a luxury hotel of Karachi left at least 11 dead”

Returns the Kim Jong-un wife after nine months missing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, visited together with his wife, Ri Sol-ju, air exercises, have been reported in the State media, in what would be the first public appearance of the first lady from nine months ago.

Kim Jong-un with wife

Kim watched the exercises and gave “guidance on the spot” to The Korean People’s Air Force (KPAF), “together with comrade Ri Sol-ju”, added the news agency KCNA, without providing photos or details about the date of the event.

This is the first time that Ri is mentioned by a North Korean media since last March 28 to attend the inauguration of a shopping center in Pyongyang. The prolonged absence again generated speculation in neighboring South Korea that pointed to a pregnancy or the possibility that she had fallen into disgraced. Continue reading “Returns the Kim Jong-un wife after nine months missing”

Steven Mnuchin will be Treasury Secretary in the Government of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is revealing with dropper the names of those who will be members of his future government. The latter is the banker Steven Mnuchin, a former official of Goldman Sachs, which announced on Wednesday who will be the new Treasury Secretary in the Executive of the Tycoon.

Steven Mnuchin

Mnuchin also confirmed the appointment of Wilbur Ross at the head of the Department of Commerce, responsible officer for managing US industrial policy. “We are very honored to have been appointed to these positions”, said Mnuchin. Their charges must be confirmed even by the team of the newly elected US President. Continue reading “Steven Mnuchin will be Treasury Secretary in the Government of Donald Trump”

The president of South Korea is willing to resign if Parliament wants

The president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, showed Tuesday her willingness to leave office before the end of her mandate if so decides by the National Assembly. Her decision comes after being involved in the biggest political and financial scandal of recent years in the Asian country and that tens of thousands of people have begun to the streets for weeks to demand her resignation.

Park Geun-hye

During her third televised speech since come to light the case, the maligned president declared her intention to resign according to a timetable and procedures agreed by the political parties that minimizes the potential confusion arising from an unexpected transition of the government. In principle her mandate expires in February 2018. Continue reading “The president of South Korea is willing to resign if Parliament wants”

75 dead in plane crash of Chapecoense Brazil football team

At least 75 people have been killed and six injured in the crash of the plane that was carrying the Chapecoense Brazilian football team, which has crashed in Cerro Gordo of the Union, in the department of Antioquia in Colombia, according to latest data provided by the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

plane crash of brazil football team

The crashed aircraft company Lamia, has come from Bolivia and has crashed in the area of Cerro Gordo of the Union, between the municipalities of La Union and La Ceja (Antioquia department, both near Rionegro, where is located the Jose Maria Cordoba airport) with 81 people on board. The plane was carrying members of the Brazilian Chapecoense football team. Continue reading “75 dead in plane crash of Chapecoense Brazil football team”

Fidel Castro dies at age 90

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, said his brother, President Raul Castro, in a speech on State television on Saturday.

Fidel Castro

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution died on the night of Friday, November 25, at 22.29 hours, and his remains will be cremated “attending his express wish”, said Raul Castro, visibly thrilled. Continue reading “Fidel Castro dies at age 90”

Donald Trump chooses KT McFarland and Don McGahn for key posts in his team

After the interruption of Thanksgiving, the team of elected President Donald Trump continues to add new members to his administration. The tycoon has appointed lawyer and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC acronym) Don McGahn, White House counsel.

donald trump chooses mcfarland and mcgahn

The president also elected former government official and an analyst on Fox News television network, KT McFarland, as Deputy National Security Adviser, as confirmed by the transition team to several US media. Continue reading “Donald Trump chooses KT McFarland and Don McGahn for key posts in his team”

Martin Schulz leaves the European Parliament to return to the German politics

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, left Brussels and returns to Germany as candidate of the SPD in the region of North Rhine Westphalia. In recent weeks it had been much speculation with the possibility that Schulz, after a long period in the European Parliament, would like to try his luck in German politics, positioning even in the pools as the future head of the list of the party to challenge Angela Merkel in the autumn elections.

martin schulz leaves european parliament

“In recent months there has been a lot of speculation about my future. I have taken my decision: I will not present myself for a third term as president of the European Parliament, but to the German Bundestag as leader of the SPD in North Rhine Westfamilia”, he explained. Continue reading “Martin Schulz leaves the European Parliament to return to the German politics”