Trump will not move forward with investigations against Clinton

The elected US President Donald Trump, will not proceed with the investigation against his rival in the election, Democrat Hillary Clinton, for the use of her private email when she was Secretary of State or by the practices of the Clinton Foundation, has revealed Tuesday an advisor of the NBC president.

trump investigations against clinton

According to this source, Trump has made this decision even though during the campaign promised to investigate the former first lady if he came to the White House and take her to jail. His campaign manager and senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, has come to confirm this.

“I think when the president-elect (…) says before assuming the position which does not wish to go ahead with these charges, sends a very strong message, for its tone and content, to the members” of Congress, has been valued.

In his opinion, “Hillary Clinton still has to face the fact that the majority of Americans do not consider her honest or unreliable, but if Donald Trump can help, it may be a good thing”.

In any case, as noted by the television, the US president is not who decides whether or not to initiate a criminal investigation, although the announcement by the environment of trump is a backward step to one of its promises, often repeated during the campaign and which his followers responded with “shut up her”.

During his first interview after the victory, Trump already let glimpse a change of position. The Clinton said in ’60 Minutes’, “they are the good people, I do not want to harm them”.

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