Terrorist attack in Stockholm: they look for the suspect who ploughed a truck into crowds

A beer transport truck was launched against a crowd in the center of Stockholm. The driver is intensely sought after. At first, police confirmed that two people were killed in the attack, but other sources speak of up to five fatal victims.

terrorist attack in Stockholm

The truck driver, after running over several people, crashed the vehicle into a store. And he fled.

The images of Swedish TV showed dozens of people running to take refuge of the path of the vehicle that in its step was beating and trampling people to right and left.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said the capital was the victim of a “terrorist attack”. “Sweden was attacked”, he said. He reported that one person was arrested. But the police denied it.

At a press conference, the Swedish police chief said that the force in his charge could not yet say how many people were killed and how many were injured in the run-up, adding that the driver or drivers of the vehicle had yet to be found, although spread photos of a suspect. Sweden’s royal family today expressed their consternation over the attack.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said Friday that “an attack on a member state is an attack on all of us”. “One of the most vibrant and colorful European cities seems to have been hit” by those who seek to damage “our own way of life”, he said.

The Swedish Parliament was closed. And police also ordered evacuation of Stockholm Central Station. Trains departing from that terminal were blocked. In addition, all metro stations were closed, wrote the local newspaper.

The attack with the truck took place in Drottninggatan (Calle de la Reina), one of the most important pedestrian in the city, just before 3 pm local time, near a department store.

The attack took place near the metro station T-Centralen, where all the lines of Stockholm pass.

But shortly after, shots were recorded in another part of the city, although it was not clear what was involved.

The author of the attack had stolen the truck by taking advantage of “a delivery at a restaurant”, said a spokesman for the transport undertaking Spendrups, Rose-Marie Hertzman.

Witnesses claim to have seen people lying on the floor.

Authorities have cordoned off the area. Local witnesses quoted by the daily report that there has been a loud explosion and shouting.

An eyewitness, Dimitris, told the newspaper, who was on the main street of the commercial area when a truck “came out of nowhere”. “I could not see anything, but I got out of control, and I saw at least two people being hit. I ran as fast as I could”, he said.

Sweden is one of the countries participating in the international coalition that bombards in Iraq to ISIS.

The facts are reminiscent of the attacks in London, Berlin and in Nice, in the south of France, whose authors attacked crowd with vehicles.

Image: Newsline

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