Scotland announces that they will go for a second referendum to become independent of Great Britain

On D-Day for Brexit in the British House of Commons, Scotland will have a new and second referendum on their independence. It was announced today by their Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, before the British government’s “intransigence” to negotiate an exit for their country, which voted in favor of remaining in Europe last June and does not want to abandon the single market. She believes that leaving the EU will be “a disaster for the economy” of her kingdom and “our society”.

scotland go for second referendum

Sturgeon said in a speech from Edinburgh that she would seek approval from the Scottish Parliament “next week” to convene “a second referendum between the European autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019”. In the previous consultation, in September 2014, Scotland voted 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent for remaining in Britain.

“In my vision it is important that Scotland is able to exercise their right to choose their own future at a time when the choices are clearer than now but before it is too late to decide our own way”, Sturgeon said.

“If I discard a referendum I will be deciding – completely unilaterally – that Scotland will follow Britain to a ‘Hard Brexit’, beyond damage to our economy and our society”, Sturgeon said to justify her call.

“This should not be the decision of a single politician, not even the Prime Minister. It should be decided by the people of Scotland. It should be the decision of Scotland”, she said.

Sturgeon explained that she believes people should now choose to break with Britain in order to stay in the European Union. If the referendum wins the Yes to independence, it would begin the dismemberment of the kingdom. Northern Ireland could adopt a similar attitude by joining Ireland on behalf of the Good Friday Agreement, which brought them peace. They also voted in the referendum of last June against the Brexit and its border will be the delicate border between Britain and the EU. This is the most feared scenario for the British government and unwanted by their head of state, Queen Elizabeth, who is also the sovereign in Scotland.

Sturgeon said that there may be space for a compromise with Theresa May if she offers a deal with Scotland. But until now it has not arrived and all their attempts have found against a “wall of bricks”. Scotland needs the authorization of Prime Minister Theresa May to launch the referendum. There is a delicate political game at these hours. Is the skillful Sturgeon looking that Theresa May blocks the referendum and its timetable?

The new referendum is the worst news for the British government. It arrives in the middle of a deadly political calendar. May is ready to launch Article 50 of Brexit tomorrow, Tuesday, if the House of Commons approve it without amendments tonight. But it must stop a rebellion in the House of Commons this afternoon when there are 10 Conservative MPs who are willing to vote for amendments that alter it, if they do not get a “significant vote” from the British Parliament at the end of negotiations with Europe for The Brexit. The other amendment is to guarantee the residence of Europeans currently living in Britain, which the government refuses to accept unilaterally.

The members will be able to provide Brexit only if the Conservative government clearly agrees that the British Parliament is sovereign in deciding with their vote to the fate of Brexit, like the other European parliaments, at the end of the divorce negotiations. The government is reluctant to accept these amendments, including guaranteeing Europeans’ residence in Britain, because they would weaken their chances of negotiation. They do not want to alter the 137 words of Article 50, which starts Brexit. It promises vaguely “a significant vote” but it does not specify.

The vote in the House of Commons will be on the British night of Monday. Only Theresa May will know if she will be able to launch Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which begins the separation of Europe and which the Brexists have baptized as British Independence Day.

image source: CNN

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