LG committed for a television as thin as paper

Viewed from the front, LG’s latest OLED technology TV is huge. 65 inches – almost 165 centimeters – display with a 4K resolution. But walk to examine its profile and it is possible that may lose sight of it. This display has a thickness of only 2.57 mm. It is almost a poster, a sheet of paper.

Signature OLED TV W

LG has named it Signature OLED TV W precisely for this reason. The television, with its thickness and system of assembly, almost seems more an object of decoration than an electronic product. Instead of being anchored to the wall by means of a screw-down fastening system, as other flat TVs do, the Signature OLED W mounts on a magnetic system that eliminates the space separating the screen from the wall and has a single flat cable that is possible to conceal or disguise easily and connects the display to a bar with HDMI ports, electronics and Dolby Atmos certified surround sound speakers.

The effect is surprising and it is achieved by maintaining the advantages of OLED technology over the classic LCD or IPS panels, such as the possibility of showing a higher contrast, pure black and a greater range of colors.

The display, for which LG has not yet given an approximate price, will also have the new version of the WebOS operating system, with native applications for several online content providers such as Netflix or Amazon Video. Some of these features will also be available on other models of OLED TVs and IPS technology that the company hopes to bring to market throughout the year, but which have thicknesses and conventional designs.

In addition to a new range of displays, LG has dedicated its conference at the CES of Las Vegas to smart home. It will launch a whole range of appliances connected in 2017, including a refrigerator with a large semi-transparent touch screen that allows you to see the inside of the refrigerator, draw to hand notes for the rest of the family or consult recipes or the expiry date of the food.

One of the advantages of this refrigerator is that it will be integrated with the virtual assistance of Amazon, Alexa. Thanks to Alexa it will be possible to ask questions in natural language or buy products and food without leaving home, just asking them out loud and confirming the purchase on the mobile or the screen.

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