Kate Middleton gives birth to her third child

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are already parents for the third time. Kate Middleton has given birth to her third child, a boy, this Monday at eleven o’clock in the morning at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, as reported by Kensington Palace on Twitter. The boy weighs 3.8 kilograms and both he and the mother are well.

Kate Middleton gives birth

The Cambridge dukes had driven to the hospital early in the morning. Kate Middleton was, as reported by Kensington Palace on Twitter, “in the early stages of delivery”. The pregnancy of Prince William’s wife was announced last October, and had not specified the date that came out of accounts. The Duchess of Cambridge had concluded his official schedule for maternity leave last month.

The third son of Prince William and Kate Middleton is fifth in the succession to the throne of the United Kingdom, behind his grandfather Charles of England, Prince of Wales; his father, Duke of Cambridge; his brother, Prince Jorge (four years), and his sister, Princess Carlota (two years). Thanks to changes introduced in 2013 in the laws governing the succession, the sex of the baby no longer affects the order of succession: males do not have preference over women and their sister Carlota, two years old, retains her fourth place in succession to throne.

The birth of the baby marks the beginning of a month of joys in the lives of the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II. The Prince Henry, the youngest of the two sons of Charles and the late Princess Diana, who goes on to the sixth position in the succession to the throne with the birth of his nephew, will provide a new cause for celebration to the legion of followers of the British royal family to marry Meghan Markle Next May 19. Preparations for the prince’s wedding with the American actress, who have earned the love of citizens by touring the country after the announcement of their commitment at the end of last year, have occupied for weeks now the staff of Windsor Palace, where the celebration will take place, to which more than 2,500 guests will attend.

The new baby has the treatment of Royal Highness and is Prince of Cambridge. His chances of becoming monarch are remote, but the long history of the British monarchy offers at least one historical precedent: William IV, the penultimate king of the house Hanover, acceded to the throne in 1830 with 64 years, to survive his two older brothers, Jorge IV, who died without descent, and Federico, Duke of York.

The announcement of real births follows a protocol established by custom. The first to be informed of the birth is the queen. Afterwards, he communicates to the rest of the royal family and the Middletons. Next, the palace communication team informs the media by email, announcing the baby’s sex, weight and time of birth. Finally, it is communicated through the official Twitter and Instagram accounts, and a paper advertisement is placed on a golden easel at the gates of Buckingham Palace, the queen’s official residence.

The names of real babies are usually not revealed until a few days after birth. In the case of Jorge and Carlota, the parents took two days to announce them. They were faster than the grandparents of the creature, Carlos and Diana, who took a week to communicate the name of Prince William in 1982. The queen was still late; the name of whose first-born, Charles of England, was not revealed until his baptism a month after he was born in 1948.

For their two previous sons, the Dukes of Cambridge have chosen names of solid royal tradition, which indicates that on this occasion they could also choose one that refers to past monarchs. Federico, James, Arturo or Felipe are in the top positions in the bookmakers.

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