Halloween 2020: ‘low cost’ ideas to decorate your home

Halloween is approaching, the most terrifying night of the year, and in this 2020 to celebrate it in the face of the restrictions imposed due to the corona virus, domestic options become important.

Halloween 2020

Yes, you may not be able to go out and celebrate with your group of friends. But you can be in small groups of people at home, spending a day of fear, with costumes, decorations and candy for the little ones in the house.

Therefore, we take the opportunity to give you some simple (and cheap) tricks so that with very little effort, your home is the most terrifying and you can spend a day of fear.

The pumpkin

A tradition as American as the classic pumpkin emptying cannot be missing on this Halloween 2020 occasion. You will only have to buy the pumpkins, empty them, cut holes that simulate the eyes and the mouth, and if you wish, to give it a more special touch, insert some candles.

You can also make them with balloons covered with orange tissue paper glued with white glue and a brush, and getting a black marker to paint them, or buy them directly manufactured and artificial with LED lights, much safer.

Starting from a simple black garbage bag you have a perfect and inexpensive way to create your spider webs. With a single bag, making yourself with scissors and applying a little skill and dexterity in the cut you can get two cobwebs that will help you decorate your house in an original way. You can even add spiders made of paper or plastic.

homemade ghosts


From a few simple balloons, and with the help of some bottles, you can make your own homemade ghosts. Glue the white-tailed balloons to the bottles at the top, soak a white cloth in a mixture of glue and water (in a 1:2 ratio) and leave the lower part of the cloth stretched out, trying to simulate the waves of the ghost’s layer. Let it dry for several hours and then add some eyes that you can buy at any craft store to make it more realistic.


Low lighting is keys on an occasion like this. To create a terrifying atmosphere, you can place your candles in the pumpkins that you previously made, or in some candle holders covered with pieces of black lace fabric, which will undoubtedly give a more sinister touch to your decoration.

False blood

If you don’t feel like buying it, you can make it at home with food coloring of this color. If you also want to stick it in your hands, we offer you an easy way to do it. You need a plastic wrap, which you should glue with duct tape to a smooth surface so it doesn’t wrinkle.

Then mix the colorant (a small amount will be sufficient) with liquid glue and stir patiently. If it’s too light, add a few more drops of food coloring. Press your hand covered with liquid glue (it is not mixed) against the plastic wrap, wash your hand and cover it again with the mixture you made earlier. Now press with your red hand on the fingerprint you left the first time you supported your hand, and repeat as many times as you wish until there is a uniform crust and thick enough not to break.

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