7 best cooking tricks to prepare fish

Do you have a difficult relationship with fish? With these 10 tricks you will want to eat it every day!

tricks to prepare fish

Pros and cons of eating fish

We know that fish is one of the healthiest foods that exist. It provides us with proteins of high biological value, vitamins and mineral salts. It helps us regulate cholesterol and control weight. It makes it easy for us to have light digestions. Everything is advantages or maybe not?

The truth is that eating fish is not always easy. It may be because we think its flavor is very strong. We may not know how to cook it. We get stuck in the pan. It is hard for us to remove the thorns. The whole house smells of fish … does it sound like you? Well don’t worry. We have the solution to all these problems!

1. Soften the strong fishy taste

A very good trick for all those who are not big fish lovers. Although it may seem weird, soaking the fish in milk helps soften its flavor. It will be enough with half an hour, but better if we leave it all night. We can also defrost fish in milk for the same purpose. We can add salt, pepper, parsley, garlic or our favorite spices. Afterwards, we drain the milk well and cook normally.

2. Avoid the smell of fish

A good solution to avoid the smell is to bake the fish. Better yet if we use the papillote technique. It involves putting the fish (sliced, fillets or whole if small pieces) in baked aluminum foil. We adore to taste, we make a package and the result is delicious. It is cooked in its own steamed juice, and will not leave any fishy smell in the house!

3. Avoid the taste of frozen fish

You buy a delicious fish and freeze it. You cook it and … have a frozen fish flavor. Do you know that flavor? Well, the milk trick also works for this. You dry it well and season it with another great ally, the lemon. It will be juicy and soft on the palate.

4. Avoid roasting fish

For this evil, the best remedy is the temperature and the material of the pan or iron. It must be very hot, and non-stick. Another infallible trick to prevent sticking is to use baking paper. Cut the pan-sized baking paper. Paint it with oil or butter. Cook the fish on it.

5. The perfect fry

How do we get a crispy and nothing oily fish? Well, the first and very important thing is to dry the fish well. Then we batter it and put it in the fridge about 15 minutes before frying. We heat the oil well (without it getting to smoke). And finally we fry in batches to be done everywhere. We take out and drain on paper towels. To enjoy!

6. Remove fish smell from your hands

Sometimes we can keep the fishy smell in our hands. Washing it with soap and water is not always enough. For this, we can opt for a natural remedy such as vinegar and lemon. We rub our hands with the mixture, rinse with water and go. We can also get a steel soap. Also valid for the smell of garlic.

7. Peel the prawns quickly

Do you love them but you find it a roll to peel them? Or maybe you want to teach your kids to do it alone. All we have to do is 3 movements. One, get your head out. Two, grab all the legs and turn body by lifting all the skin at once. Three, pull the tail. Ready, peeled prawns.

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