presidents calls

The conversations of the heads of Government or presidents’ calls are usually recorded or recorded in notes, and are classified according to the degree of confidentiality. The record of a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky has triggered a political storm and a process of dismissal of theContinue Reading

Israeli police interrogate Netanyahu

The investigations of the Israeli police on Benjamin Netanyahu have reached on Friday new levels of intensity that threaten the political future of the prime minister. Agents of the anti-fraud brigade have interrogated Netanyahu for five hours at his official residence in Jerusalem for the so-called Case 4,000, which investigatesContinue Reading

Turkish plane falls down

The bad landing of an airplane was about to end in tragedy Saturday night to Sunday in northern Turkey. The device skidded on the wet asphalt of the airport runway of the rainy Trabzon (Turkish) and slid down a small, earthy cliff until it was run aground a few metersContinue Reading

global geopolitical crisis

The recently launched 2018 does not present good prospects. The risk of a severe geopolitical crisis, the “equivalent to the international financial crisis of 2008”, is very high, according to the diagnosis of the risk consultancy Eurasia Group. The danger comes both from the sphere of cybersecurity and terrorism andContinue Reading