sean spicer

The spokesman for the White House, Sean Spicer, ordered last week the cell phones of the presidential residence employees to be review for prevent leaks, several media outlets in the United States said Monday. According to the CNN network, Spicer called on employees in his office to convey his frustrationContinue Reading

against trump's immigration veto

The major US technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, have filed a legal brief in which oppose the controversial anti-immigration decree of President, Donald Trump, local media reported today. The letter, signed by 97 companies, was presented last night before the Court of Appeals for the ninth circuitContinue Reading

trump selects judge neil gorsuch

The US president, Donald Trump, elected Tuesday Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Neil Gorsuch as his candidate to replace the late Supreme Court judge to the conservative Antonin Scalia. “Today fulfill some other promise to the American people to nominate Neil Gorsuch judge for the Supreme Court”, TrumpContinue Reading