FBI candidates

Less than two weeks after President Donald Trump fired James Comey, the government has interviewed at least eight candidates for the FBI’s directorial position and Trump has said he could make a decision in just a few days. The president, who is scheduled to begin his first official overseas tripContinue Reading

us unemployment rate falls

The unemployment rate in the United States falls to its lowest level in a decade in April, while job creation rebounded sharply, according to the official employment report released Friday. Unemployment fell to 4.4 percent (-0.1 percentage point from March), its lowest level since May 2007. The US economy createdContinue Reading

meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping

Donald Trump, who harshly criticized China before his election, met face-to-face with President Xi Jinping last night in the relaxed setting of Mar-a-Lago, the luxurious residence of the billionaire US president on the Florida coast. The place is protected by a gigantic display of snipers, tactical units and coast guards.Continue Reading

donald trump paid tax

Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump was asked to show his enforced declaration. And he always refused. It alleged an ongoing audit. But he never showed anything. Until yesterday a television network announced that he was in possession of a tax declaration for the tycoon of 2005. And the White HouseContinue Reading

donald trump new immigration decree

US President Donald Trump, signed this afternoon a new version of their immigration decree, whose first version had been suspended by the courts. The executive order – which bans citizens from six countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) – is “anti-American”, criticized the Democrat leader in the Senate,Continue Reading