Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, who was for years the most powerful woman in Washington and wants to be one again, is a walking paradox. For Republicans, it embodies the epitome of Californian liberalism of the champagne. But she was born in Baltimore, is a practicing Catholic and her first job was asContinue Reading

US examine foreign investments

Donald Trump shows again how far he is willing to carry his authority in the commercial sphere, although this time he has done so without imposing his will by decree. The United States wants to reinforce the instruments at its disposal to prevent Chinese or foreign companies from obtaining sensitiveContinue Reading

dead in a truck in Texas

At least eight people were found dead and 20 others injured in a truck parked in San Antonio, Texas, said Tuesday the US police referred to the incident as a case of human trafficking. The vehicle was on the parking lot of a Walmart supermarket. The wounded were taken toContinue Reading

Donald Trump declares assets

For the first time since arriving at the White House, President Donald Trump publicly, but incompletely, revealed the state of his finances in 2016. The mogul declared assets of $1.4 billion and debts to several financial institutions for about $310 million, issued by the Government Ethics (PGE) office made publicContinue Reading