EU punished google

The European Union imposed a record fine of 2.420 billion euro – $2.720 billion – against Google for taking advantage of its dominant position in online searches to guide customers to their own Internet sales business. The EU gave the company in Mountain View, California a 90-day deadline to quitContinue Reading

fastest camera

Each and every day cameras are better and faster. Those who have a smartphone can check the quality of the images that they take. But hardly will we find this camera on a cell phone. The device is designed to capture physical or chemical processes that until now could notContinue Reading

Spotify and Universal agreement

Internet music playback company Spotify and Universal Music Group (UMG) today signed an agreement where the recording giant will overtakes the contents of their discs only to the subscribers of the platform. The two companies announced today that Universal artists will now be able to choose to anticipate Spotify’s “premium”Continue Reading