improve leg rotation

The rotation of the leg at its maximum capacity is one of the most desired skills in the dance world. Numerous types of dance, especially ballet, require that the dancer can lift and extend the leg in a fluid, balanced and powerful way. The ability to execute this movement andContinue Reading

throw a slider

The slider is a ‘poisonous’ combination of curve and fast ball, a throw that is very useful for pitchers and one of the most uncomfortable face battering plots. At the start of this journey to home the ball is directed with remarkable speed, but just as approaches the batter seesContinue Reading

play golf

In this age of computers and video games, kids are losing out on the fun of childhood. They have become adept at dealing with virtual creatures, such as aliens and monsters, but, are clueless when it comes to interacting with real humans, specifically children of their age. One solution toContinue Reading

carlos tevez in chiness club

The chinese club Shanghai Shenhua welcomed Carlos Tevez, in a statement on their website. The salary of the Argentine, which in any case will be stratospheric, still not be known with accuracy. According to AFP, through a source close to the player, it would be 80 million in two years.Continue Reading