Angela Merkel wins

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Angela Merkel today clearly prevailed in the Schleswig-Holstein regional elections to the Social Democratic Party of Martin Schulz in a new electoral test before the generals of September 24 in Germany, according to the first projections. In the midst of the rise of theContinue Reading

Merkel's CDU wins

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Chancellor Angela Merkel clearly prevailed yesterday to the Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by Martin Schulz in the first beat of the German election year, in the federal state of Saarland and six months of the general election in which both will fight forContinue Reading

trump lashes out john lewis

The elected President of the United States, Donald Trump lashed out this weekend against Democratic congressman from Georgia and leader of civil right, John Lewis, after he ensure that the billionaire “is not a legitimate president” given Russian interference in the presidential elections on 8th November. “I think that theContinue Reading

Paolo Gentiloni

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, has accepted the appointment of Prime Minister following the resignation of Matteo Renzi and assured that he would try to get underway as soon as possible with a new electoral law that allows holding elections. “I thank the President of the Republic the order whichContinue Reading

Merkel re-elected

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been reelected this Tuesday President of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with a 89.5% of the votes in the federal congress that welcomes the formation in Essen (west) to prepare for the electoral campaign of the general guidelines of 2017. Merkel has obtained thisContinue Reading