brexit history

The United Kingdom is torn between an isolationist national myth and historical reality, which shows that this country has its roots in Europe… When we talk about the founders of the EU, we always mention Robert Schumann or Jean Monnet, who have even given their name to official buildings ofContinue Reading

Trump and Putin

Apart from Donald Trump, there is only one American person who knows the secret that leads Washington: what the hell did the president and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, speak on Monday in Helsinki. It was a controversial summit for many reasons and one of them is that they celebratedContinue Reading

dukes of cambridge tour

When London negotiates with Brussels the departure of the United Kingdom from Europe, Prince William and his wife Kate arrived in Berlin in what many call the “Brexit diplomatic tour”, a tour of rapprochement with the continent in times of divorce. The dukes were welcomed by hundreds of people atContinue Reading