killing khashoggi

The United States will impose sanctions on 17 Saudi Arabian nationals, whom it accuses of being implicated in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The sanctions include the freezing of assets they may have in the United States and the prohibitionContinue Reading

microsoft updates surface range

Finishing the summer, as every year, the great technicians take the opportunity to update their range of products and present their latest news to the consumer. Microsoft did it in a small event in New York this Tuesday, in which it presented a complete renovation inside and out of allContinue Reading

loyalty programs

As more businesses understand the importance of improving customer loyalty and retaining their existing customers, loyalty programs are becoming an essential component of every retail store. While loyalty programs can vary across enterprises, all of them are a marketing tactic meant to reward customers for their loyalty. For example, aContinue Reading

exercise to strengthen abdominal

This exercise to strengthen the abdominal and the diaphragm helps develop strength in the center of the body in an integrated manner. It uses somatic principles that re-educate the nervous system. Its practice improves the physical ability to execute a movement with minimal muscular effort. Importance of the connection betweenContinue Reading