In this article we tell you everything about raffia: what it is, in which industries it is used and what advantages it offers. Raffia is a thread of natural origin that comes from a palm tree native to America and Africa, very popular in countries such as Congo, Cameroon, Morocco,Continue Reading

fear of driving at night

Many people start or end their working day driving at night, a situation that is quite uncomfortable for a percentage of the population. Facing the darkness of the night causes certain insecurities behind the wheel, since a greater effort must be made to see the road better. If we addContinue Reading

leisure activities

The battle against the coronavirus is being fought by all of us, the medical professionals of the healthcare network, public and private, on the front line from hospitals and residences, other relevant groups collaborating in the task of keeping us safe or supplied, and the rest of the population supportingContinue Reading

Covid-19 Mask

The masks are medical devices which, along with other protective and hygiene measures, we allow to avoid exposing ourselves and protect our environment from contamination with pathogens. COVID-19 infection is transmitted by drops. These are produced by the patient when coughing, sneezing that can travel about a meter. The effectivenessContinue Reading