Attack in London: Reveal the true identity of the attacker and arrest two other people

The author of the London attack was called Adrian Russell Ajao before turning to Islam, the head of Scotland Yard’s anti-terror unit said on Monday and reported that two others were arrested in connection with Wednesday’s bombing that killed four people.

attack in london

Of the new arrests, at a press briefing in front of the police building, Mark Rowley said the raids were carried out early in the morning in central and northern England and called”significant” arrests, while asked for help to the population on any information about the person responsible for the attack.

The police official also said that with the last two arrests, the number of people arrested in connection with the attack amounted to 9, after a woman, arrested shortly after the attack, was released on bail.

Rowley did not provide the names of those arrested, but reported that five properties were registered and has concluded the raids of 16 others, while seized material including important computer information.

When he was shot down by the police Wednesday before the Parliament, the attacker used the name of Khalid Masood, although authorities indicated that in the past he used other names.

According to local media, he was also known by the name of Adrian Elms, born in the county of Kent, southeast England, was the son of a single mother and father of three children.

After revealing his true identity today, the head of the anti-terrorist unit of Scotland Yard pointed out that the investigation is focused on understanding “the motivation, preparation and accomplices” that Masood had to carry out his attack with a vehicle.

Specifically, the agent explained that it is a matter of establishing whether he acted alone, was inspired by terrorist propaganda or if he had the support of third parties who would have encouraged him to attack.

“We want to hear anyone who knew Khalid Masood well, who knows who were his accomplices were and can provide us with information about the places he visited recently”, added the police chief, asking for the collaboration of the population to move forward with the inquiry.

In that context, he stressed: “There may be people who were concerned about (Masood’s attitude) but did not feel comfortable, for some reason, in convey that concern”.

At the same time, thanked the press that had the identity of the attacker shortly after the attack, but that, at the request of the police, delayed its disclosure in order not to harm the research work of the police.

The fourth victim, a retiree
As for the victims, Rowley reported that the 75-year-old man who died last night at the hospital – the fourth victim of the attack – was identified as Leslie Rhodes, from the Streatham neighborhood in south London.

In addition, two other people remain in serious condition at the hospital, another with life-threatening injuries, while two other police remain hospitalized with “significant injuries”, according to the head of the anti-terrorist unit.

According to Rowley, the agents have spoken with 3,500 witnesses, including 1,000 who were on Westminster Bridge and 2,500 in front of the Palace of Westminster, the seat of Parliament.

In addition to the 75-year-old man who died last night, the assailant killed police officer Keith Palmer; the woman of Spanish origin Aysha Frade and the American tourist Kurt Cochran, 54.

On Wednesday afternoon, the bomber struck pedestrians on Westminster Bridge with his vehicle, before crashing the vehicle into Parliament’s gates.

Then he got out of his car, ran to the entrance of the parliament building, where he stabbed Keith Palmer, and when he was preparing to attack another agent, he was shot dead by the police.

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