A man with two arms is arrested at a Donald Trump hotel

A suspicious Pennsylvania physician was arrested Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel in Washington after police discovered a gun and a pistol in his car.

man arrested at donald trump hotel

Bryan Moles was arrested at the hotel, where he had stayed, police said. Police chief Peter Newsham reported at a news conference that Pennsylvania police informed his department and the secret service that an anonymous whistleblower warned that Moles was on his way to the Trump Hotel carrying weapons and ammunition.

“I believe that the agents and our federal partners, and especially the whistleblower, avoided a potential disaster in our nation’s capital”, the official said.

Police received information that Moles, 43 years old, had guns and the hotel said that there had been a firearm “in full view” in the vehicle of the suspect and found another in the glove compartment. Police confiscated a Glock 23 pistol, a Bushmaster automatic rifle and 90 ammunition.

Newsham declined to comment on Moles’ possible motivations. Secret Service agent Michael Ball said agents interrogated Moles and determined that “he did not pose any threat” to those protected by this agency.

The police chief added that the department does not have sufficient evidence to charge Moles with making threats, although a spokesman for the Department said previously that it was part of the anonymous complaint received by the authorities in Pennsylvania.

The suspect is accused of carrying an unlicensed pistol and possessing unregistered ammunition.

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