A Few Top Reasons to Get Your Child Play Golf

In this age of computers and video games, kids are losing out on the fun of childhood. They have become adept at dealing with virtual creatures, such as aliens and monsters, but, are clueless when it comes to interacting with real humans, specifically children of their age. One solution to this is to get them to join a sport. Sports has multiple advantages, such as getting them outdoors into the open, teaching them to interact with others, learning about teamwork and developing a sportsmen spirit.

play golf

Why your child should play golf?
One such sport that usually does not come to your mind, but has several benefits in the long run for your child is golf. There are many practical reasons to motivate your child play golf. But, before you take your child to the golf field, make you have bought your kids golf set.

Reasons why you must introduce your child to golf

  • Golf is for anyone and everyone
  • Golf is one such sport that can be played by anyone. It does not matter if your child is short or tall, skinny or a little overweight, slow or fast. Golf is for everyone, irrespective of sizes and shapes. Also, golf can be played at any age. He can start if he is 5 or 6 years or onwards.

  • Golf has less risk of injuries
  • Unlike sports, such as football, baseball, cricket or soccer, golf is a safe game with a minimal to almost negligible risk of injury. Golf as a sport does not involve can physical contact and thus has no risk of getting serious injuries. Additionally, the golf course is a safe environment for children.

  • Golf helps create lifelong friends
  • The friendships forged on the golf course usually last forever. When learning to play as kids, the children bond over the lessons of golf and later the lessons of life and stick together forever, irrespective of distances. Also, golf tournaments can take your kids to different countries and thus help them learn and appreciate players culturally different from themselves, but united by the game.

  • Golf can teach a lot about life and business
  • Just like the ups and downs of golf, life too has its share of ups and downs. When your child learns to handle the high points and low points or rather the bogeys and birdies of the game of golf, he or she is picking up skills and lessons to help face similar situations in life.

    Also, golf is considered a game of those who are successful in their careers, usually businessmen. And, as the saying goes – success breeds success thus in the company of successful people and listening to adults who might share the golf course with your kids, your little ones will pick up a number of business and life lessons that no school will be able to teach them.

    But above and beyond all these reasons is that golf will push your child into the outdoors which is the need of the hour. Golf provides the opportunity to spend time in nature and to build stamina, along with mental as well as physical skills.

    And above all, the most important sport lesson that golf provides, is that of having fun and enjoying oneself.

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