footsteps of harry potter

20 years ago the first book of the Harry Potter series was published: in June 1997 it reached the bookstores “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, a fantastic novel written by the British JK Rowling that reached international fame, translated into 65 languages and was the first of a successfulContinue Reading

london bombing

While the interrogation of the first two suspects of last Friday’s homemade bombing on the London Underground, in which more than 30 people were injured, British security forces have confirmed the arrest of three new suspects, one 25 years old on Tuesday, and two of 48 and 30 years onContinue Reading

brexit history

The United Kingdom is torn between an isolationist national myth and historical reality, which shows that this country has its roots in Europe… When we talk about the founders of the EU, we always mention Robert Schumann or Jean Monnet, who have even given their name to official buildings ofContinue Reading