5 Awesome Spots To Visit This Summer

Winter can’t last much longer, so it’s time to start making those big summer plans. You’ll finally get a chance to take some leave from work, hit the road, and take the holiday you’ve been fantasising about all through the chilly winter months. Whether you’re planning to get on a plane and fly further afield for an exotic summer getaway, or just take a road trip to one of our Australian summer gems, there’s plenty to choose from to ensure you make the most of the sunshine this year.

spots to visit

1. Bali: There’s nowhere better to visit in the summer than Bali. There are so many stunning beaches to choose from, tons of killer nightclubs to party in with your best friends when the sun goes down, and some seriously incredible resorts to help you fully chill out and enjoy your holiday. If you’re heading out with a group of friends or your family, skip the hotel altogether and rent pool villas seminyak so you have your own place to relax, kick back, and sunbathe in the privacy of your own summer home away from home.

2. Kimberley: Australia has so much gorgeous scenery to admire; it can be difficult to narrow down your options when it comes summer getaways and road trips. If you want to see some really jaw-dropping sights, check out Kimberley. This ancient plateau is ideal for hiking, cycling, and enjoying the company of your favourite people in a quiet, wildlife-packed region.

3. Cape Town, South Africa: If you really want to take a long trip this summer and visit a completely new continent, you should definitely check out Cape Town. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Overlooked by the famous silhouette of Table Mountain and surrounded by stunning beaches and two different oceans, there’s no shortage of fun activities and exciting days out at the very tip of Africa. Don’t forget to take a day trip out of the city for a safari so you can see some of Africa’s beloved wildlife while you’re there.

4. Albany: Another gorgeous Australian hotspot, Albany has some of the most gorgeous scenery and relaxing beaches in the country. About five hours away from Perth, Albany has a stunning coastline that’s ideal for enjoying the summer sun. If you love marine wildlife, make sure you take some time while you’re there to do some whale watching – it’s one of the best spots in the country for catching sight of these majestic creatures. You can also expect slightly cooler summer temperatures than you’ll find in Perth, allowing you to enjoy the views without boiling to death.

5. London, England: If you’re sick of the winter in Australia and want to get some summer in quickly without waiting for the weather to catch up with you, why not head to the Northern Hemisphere instead? England is tricky weather-wise, but in the summer months you can expect mild weather that’s ideal for sightseeing. Head to London to check out one of the world’s most culturally rich cities. There are tons of fascinating museums and sights to see, as well as unique fashion and amazing nightlife. Just make sure you’re visiting between June and September, or you may have to leave the ‘summer’ aspect out of your expectations altogether.

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