10 tips to be able to sleep when it is very hot

better and longer sleep

The high temperatures are preventing you sleep in a normal way and sleep when it’s very hot. So it is not strange that you cannot sleep comfortably when the heat is the only thing you can feel. The sweltering heat can be a counselor terrible, but there are certain tips that can help you have a better sleep overall.

Here we mention 10 tips which you must be follow for better and longer sleep without any disturbance in the hot weather.

1. Start drinking lots of water

It is normal to drink a lot of water, especially when it is very hot.

drinking lots of water

However, this becomes a necessity at high temperatures. The reason is that your body needs more water than normal, to be able to counteract the sweating caused by the heat.

So by drinking a lot of water you will stay more hydrated and you will be well prepared for a more comfortable sleep.

However, do not go to drink large amounts of water when you go to sleep, because this will cause you to wake up many times at night because of a full bladder that you will need to discharge.

2. Take a shower before bed

In order to sleep fresher, there is no smarter and more obvious option than taking a shower before going to bed.

take a shower before bed

For the desired result to occur, the water must be cold or fresh, since the temperature will be the determinant of good rest.

But when it is time to dry off, do not do it by rubbing your body with the towel, because you will generate friction and therefore heat.

3. Have an ideal pillow for the heat

Pillows are key pieces for a good sleep. You should also consider that the head is the hottest part of the body.

That’s why we should make it a priority to keep it fresh and what better way than to focus on our pillow for this purpose?

ideal pillow for the heat

The best pillows to deal with heat are those that do not surround the head due to excessive heat concentration.

So those smaller and firmer pillows generate a better feeling for this purpose. They may be less comfortable but will allow better air circulation.

And another detail is that it is very important that you change your pillow frequently. Remember that after 2 years; a third of it will be made up of dust mites along with dead skin and saliva.

4. Do not sleep naked

No, sleeping naked will not make you feel cooler. It will do the opposite, since you will feel more heat due to the moisture that will evaporate between your body and the surface of your bed. This is why it is necessary for you to wear cotton clothing.

Sleeping in cotton clothes will allow you to perspire better and be more comfortable sleeping. You should avoid synthetic fabrics, such as silk or nylon.

5. Cool your bedding

There is no better feeling than lying on a bed with cold sheets when it is very hot, but how do I do this?

Simple, you can use the refrigerator for this purpose. So put your sheets in a plastic bag, and then put this bag in your refrigerator.

Although it may sound a bit strange, it works well.

And it’s something you can do when you wake up in the morning, to take it out when you sleep. Achieving a good surface to sleep in complete comfort.

6. Say no to alcohol and heavy meals

Also, don’t underestimate the effects alcohol and heavy meals can have on your sleep, especially considering that they increase body temperature. In addition to causing a very unstable sleep.

no alcohol and heavy meals

So when the heat is unbearable and you have trouble falling asleep, it is best to avoid heavy meals and alcohol in the hours before your rest.

7. Wet your face, hands and feet

To sleep better when it is very hot you can take a towel, moisten it and wipe it over your face, hands and feet. It will give you a refreshing and very special feeling.

Once you have done this, dry with another towel before going to sleep the parts of your body that you wet.

8. Beware of naps

The need for naps may be greater when it is very hot because it increases the feeling of tiredness and the desire to sleep after eating at noon.

However, these naps are dangerous for a good night’s rest.

It is not that naps are prohibited, but try not to exceed 30 minutes, if you do not want hours of rest to take away from your daily sleep routine.

9. Relax with herbal teas

There is no better way to sleep than being relaxed and an aid of great value for this purpose are infusions.

relax with herbal teas

Medicinal plant preparations can help you sleep better even with a high temperature. Best of all, it will not be necessary to suffer the side effects of synthetic sleeping pills.

Some recommended infusions are those of Valerian, Passionflower or California poppy, these remove anxiety at bedtime.

10. Have a room without distractions

Finally, sleep in a room where the distractions or elements that could disturb your sleep do not exist.

Regarding this, take care of the small sounds that do not seem to be annoying in the day, but that at night due to the silence, become a headache. Perfect examples of these are fans that generate a lot of noise when running.

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